Immortal, Eternal

by She's Still Dead

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Debut album from "She's Still Dead" produced by J. Yuenger.


released October 31, 2011

Kevin Dredge, Cos Solo, Taylor Suarez, Mark Antee



all rights reserved


She's Still Dead New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: I'll Bury You Tomorrow
I’ll bury you tomorrow I can’t stand to do it today
I’ll bury you tomorrow when the rest of me starts to decay

I’ve been driving nails into my hands
Shifting endlessly through the sands
My betrayal knows no bounds
Evil festers in these very grounds

Moving something to do while we die
Pains the only thing to tell us we’re alive
This arduous task is to much to endure
Complacency for which there is no cure
Track Name: Midnight In Massachusetts
Midnight in Massachusetts and there’s monsters everywhere
Rotting tombs of the freshly exhumed stench fills the air
Night time in America we have villainy to attend
The wares and riches of the dead and buried to wrongly apprehend

Midnight in Massachusetts and there’s monsters everywhere
Is it true in the middle of the night even dead men stare
Working feverishly cause this time wont last forever
Just a few feet more we’ll finally be together

Drowning fast in my lethal dose
Haunted forever by her ghost
All I want is to pull her close
Death will be a gracious host

Midnight in Massachusetts and there’s monster’s everywhere
Stay inside lock your doors only go out if you dare
The witching hour is upon us and these graves won’t dig themselves
Stealing these forgotten relics from their eternal cells
Track Name: Voices
I feel the madness rising
Take their lives
Commands there’s no denying
They must die
Endless hours fighting
Take their lives
The madness keeps on rising
They must die
Me head is always pounding
And the voices are resounding
And everywhere I go I always hear


There is no escaping from this hell I am seeking
I know what I must do I must kill you

Creeping slowly through the halls
Watching where my footsteps fall
I’m led onward by the call
Take the knife plunge it in your heart
Track Name: The Blood Is Life
In the darkest night removed from the light
Let the ritual begin as we make our pact of sin
As the blood flows in our record evil grows
We made our pact in the music it lies play it backwards and we’ll never die

Pay homage to the blood
We revel in the blood
Give tribute to the blood
Pay homage to the blood

Burning in our veins feeding on your pain
Getting life from death a hotel fire has taken our last breath
You’re just a sacrifice we’ve already paid the price
Drain the heat from the body let the ritual begin the world is red the blood is life we’re reborn into lives of sin
Track Name: Evil Needs Candy, Too
They are the creatures of your dreams
Stalking the night between the seams

Evil needs candy, too

Scream so loud to wake the dead
Please get these screams out of my head

Evil needs candy, too

My own hands wrapped around my throat
Laughing manically when I start to choke

Evil needs candy, too

Screaming ran uninterrupted
As if ferried along with the dearly departed

Evil needs candy, too

Call the coroner tell him to pick us up
Our clock’s last tick has finally struck

Evil needs candy, too
Track Name: Hands Of The Ripper
In a flash of cold hard steel
Your internal organs I start to reveal
This will be your last night alive
Slit your throat what I contrive
Darkness settles all around
Concealing streets of this town
Footsteps echo on coble stones
Lurking near lustful moans
Fading glimpse alone in the dark
Waiting for you to disembark
Send a message with one swift stroke
One at a time beneath night’s cloak
Open them up see what’s inside
Sins of the trade what they hide
Gather my things as they perish
Leaving a scene that is garish

Hands of the ripper
Edge of the scalpel blade
In the back of alleys I deal my deadly trade

Horrible urge that drives to kill
Crushing measures beyond my will
Forcing my diabolical hand
Unsettling urges I don’t understand
Driven to murder thirst for gore
Cut them down blood on the floor
Draw the knife across the skin
Feel the pressure as it goes in
Usher them from this mortal coil
Releasing them from their toil
Blood drips out of all your veins
A lifeless husk is all that remains
There will be no justice
In this world of numbness
Left to stalk the night alone
Search for enemies of the throne

Track Name: Pedal To The Devil
Thirteen join together in a coven side by side
Secretive society is the way they hide
Controlling minds hypnotic spells
Calling spirits from where they dwell
Taking directions from the father of lies
Demons summoned to claim the devil’s bride

Pedal to the devil
We’ll start this world of sin
Let a madman do the driving
We’ll let this ride begin

Beauty of women demon of hell
An unholy union is what I fortell
The devil’s victim is what she became
Dark forces amass around the flame
She must pay the ultimate price
Ending her life in sacrifice
Taking directions from the father of lies
Demons summoned to claim the devil’s bride

Pedal to the devil
We’ll let this ride begin
Let a madman do the driving
We’ll let this ride begin

Bring her forth before the masses
For know his dark power surpasses
Deadly business wife of the beast
Dark rituals call forth the deceased
Time to die as the devils call
Out of the graves they do crawl
Taking directions from the father of lies
Demons summoned to claim the devil’s bride

I’ll show you how we do it out back in the woods
I’ll show you how we do it so it feels real good
I’ll show you how we do it when they’re really dead
I’ll show you how we do it when the sky’s all red
I’ll show you how we do it on the edge of a knife
I’ll show you how we do it with the devil’s wife
I’ll show you how we do it in a river of blood
I’ll show you how we do it in a fucking flood
Track Name: Modern Day Dr. Jekyll
Modern day Dr. Jekyll and a fucked up Mr. Hyde
Two people inside my head one hell of a dark side
They both fight for me as I fight for control
If this battle continues I think I’ll lose my soul

The one in black and his fiery stare
Restrained from touch and full of hate
The other gave his heart to a girl
But it was to late

All the shit that’s happened to me
The toll on my brain is easy to see
To many people in my head
If this keeps up I may be dead
One’s the good guy that can do wrong
The others the one who sings this song
This has cost me so damn much
Because of this my life is fucked


Modern Day Dr. Jekyll
Fucked up Mr. Hyde
Track Name: No Coffin Could Ever Hold Me
I am the blackest of all hell
Twisting your mind under my spell
Crush your world in the palm of my hands
Wake up last dead man stand

I rule from this miserable place
A macabre shadow in a world of grey
No coffin could ever hold me
No door could ever bar my way

Forever, always, immortal, eternal
Never changing what is external
Living in an indefinite blur
Into the shadows under we stir

Speeding hearses and sleeping victims
Vigilance will not stop these symptoms
Religious blasphemy and sadistic torture
Reigning in a bliss full rapture
Track Name: Southern Hunger
We have bathed in the power of darkness
We have bathed in the blood of your death
We can’t control this southern hunger
We can’t stop till your last breath

Damned by the sins of family
What the hell has happened to me
Voodoo curse of flesh eating
Bodies ravages and memory fleeting
Tear the flesh right of the bones
Dig up bodies behind grave stones
A beast of hell is what I am

Finding fresh meat among the dead
Last of humanity hangs by a thread
Opening graves before rot sets in
Why can’t I break from this life of sin
Moonlight trickles though the sky
We’re all hungry it’s your turn to die
Now no longer the son of man

Night has fallen the lights are all gone
Feast on them till the sight of dawn
Got to quench this thirst for hate
Life of hunger’s a terrible fate
Chase them down the mortuary's halls
Locked inside the cemetery walls
A voodoo curse from long ago

Transformation has begun
A ghoulish creature is what I’ve become
Have no fingers only claws
Pointy teeth fill my jaws
Eyes are sunk deep in my head
Skin feels like the living dead
Cannibal ghouls of the night
Southern hunger's a terrible fright
Track Name: We Won't Stop When The Screaming Starts
To rule this world from beyond the grave
Turn them into a zombie slave
Hunted down by the conqueror worm
Stuck on a post and left to burn
We want your life and your very soul
To watch you perish is our goal
Come and worship the bringer of hail
Forgotten warrior master of pale

Everyone must die!
To satisfy my lies!

Bring the matters into a dark light
Turn on them in the final fight
Bring the demons into our world
Watch their shock as my plans unfurl
Never trust what you know is wrong
They may be lying all along
Insert the knife from behind
Leaving nothing more to find

We won’t stop
We won’t stop
We won’t stop
When the screaming starts